Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Third Alternative

Stephen R. Covey has just released his new book "The Third Alternative".

This is one of Dr. Covey's principle-centered approaches to interpersonal relationships and group dynamics first introduced by him in his book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People".

Now, many years later, we have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate this concept that Dr. Covey has been sharing and espousing for over 2 decades in more detail.

The idea is simple, but the power of fully engaging this concept and process is immense.  Basically, you have your viewpoint or opinion, others have theirs.  Sometimes you may want to push your ideas or decisions through, sometimes someone wants to impose their idea or decisions on you.  The 3rd Alternative is all about coming together, sharing ideas or potential decisions openly, honestly and safely with one another.  Discussing these things respectfully and, from that process, discovering a different choice, plan or decision altogether new and better, is "The Third Alternative."

So, as you go about your work life and personal life, keep this concept in mind - You have an opinion and a way of doing things, or a way you want to do things. Others have theirs.  Nobody's is necessarily superior or better, and if we are secure enough within ourselves to share our viewpoints, and to allow others to share theirs, we might just discover something new and better - a Third Alternative.

It's all about the idea of "synergy" that Dr. Covey often refers to.  The third alternative is a great example of synergy where you and I, together, create something greater than the sum of our parts, or greater than the sum of what we bring to the table (thoughts, ideas, talents, skills, opinions, decisions, plans, strategies, programs...).

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VIDEO: To watch Stephen R. Covey, himself, talk about the concept of "The 3rd Alternative" please click here.

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  1. Good Subject. But wonder it looks similar to Think Win Win propogagted by Shri Stephen Covey in 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'. The crisp message is its not my way (or the highway) or your way, it is our way (think Win Win again)

    Disclaimer: Not read this book, though am a great fan of Shri Stephen R Covey. But the preview sounds to be a precie or an extension of think win win.